Warm congratulations to our company on winning the "national high-tech product certificate"
Column:Com News Time:2018-12-25

Recently, we celebrate the good news, according to the national "the recognition of hi-tech enterprises management method" and "the recognition of hi-tech enterprises management guide", the relevant provisions of the our company "copier electropositive organic photosensitive drum", "copy machine dedicated long life of organic photosensitive drum" and other products, was identified as national high-tech products. Guangdong high-tech enterprises association issued by the "high-tech products of guangdong province" certification, thus officially entered the ranks of high-tech enterprises.

Division I since its inception, has maintained a high - speed and stable development. Our company focuses on r & d and production of photocopier drum. Company adhering to the "innovation is the only way to high-quality development" business philosophy, adhere to the user first, quality first, after continuous efforts and beyond has become a photocopier in the organic drum scale, the most influential, one of the fastest growing enterprises, by the customers. This time, our products are evaluated as high-tech products of guangdong province, which will further promote the process of independent innovation and independent research and development of the company, as well as another milestone of the company's development.